Watch This Air Cannon Slice Fruits and Vegetables in a Matter of Seconds

Who needs a boring old food processor when you can upgrade to a slicing cannon? Hate slicing potatoes or apples or other fruits and veggies? This solution from NightHawkInLight manages to finely chop and dice up your meal in less than a second. Just have something handy to catch all the chunks.

In a previous video, NightHawkInLight crafted his own shotgun barrel air cannon. However, if your video is sponsored by food company Blue Apron, it only makes sense to add fruits and veggies into the mix.

"I can provide all my neighbors with fresh cut apple slices from the comfort of my own backyard," he joked.

The previously constructed barrel is too small for shooting out large potatoes, so the chamber got an upgrade. In short, the upgrade requires quite a bit of PVC piping and patience in making sure everything is prepped to handle the pressure. The cutting attachment is pretty simple and includes a cheaply rigged set of slicers.

Plenty of other YouTubers created their own versions of fruit cannons. One of the most enjoyable includes CrazyRussianHacker making a superpowered potato launcher. However, none have quite mastered blasting the pieces of oranges, potatoes, and apples to smithereens.

Via NightHawkInLight


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