Watch An Audi R8 Disintegrate Through Fabian Oefner's Work of Art

The world-renowned photographer worked with Audi mechanics to take an R8 apart and shoot it in his usual stunning style.

Fabian Oefner is a world-renowned photographer that makes colorful art by harnessing scientific properties. He aims to bring attention to the beauty of the natural world.  

In this unique video, Oefner brings his art to an Audi R8. This video is an attempt to redefine reality.

Oefner describes how he started working on the disintegrating series with the motif of an old car that is falling apart. His real wish was to do it with real cars not just models.

When Audi approached him with this unique project it was actually what he wanted to do. What he did for this project was to have the mechanics take all the pieces apart and then shoot them each individually on a black background.

The beauty of this project is that the team got to look inside pieces that even the mechanics had never seen. Oefner took the opportunity to share how important it is to pause in life to see what is truly there.

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