Watch as a Diver Is Dwarfed Swimming Next to a Massive Squid Egg Sac

These sacs contain hundreds of thousands of squid eggs.
Fabienne Lang

Imagine swimming next to a globulous alien-like bubble, tens of meters underwater, in what would feel like a sci-fi movie. That's precisely what happened on October 5th to a team of divers from the REV Ocean research vessel. Luckily for us, they filmed the entire experience.

The team had just gone diving to see a sunken WWII battleship off the Norwegian coast, in Ørsta, around 200 meters offshore. As they were making their way back to shore, the three-person-strong team came across a vast floating bubble, which turned out to be a giant squid egg sac. 

The sac is believed to contain hundreds of thousands of baby squid. 

The impressive and stunning video was captured by Ronald Raasch, who is part of the REV Ocean research team. Raasch filmed his two team members as they closed in on the enormous sac. 

The sac was floating 17 meters below the surface, and approximately 15 meters above the ocean floor. The divers identified this sac as belonging to a ten-armed squid species. 

The incredible encounter was entirely filmed, offering a multitude of angles from which to view the rounded floating orb. It's always impressive watching nature in action, especially when humans appear so small in physical comparison.

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