Watch These Adventurous Guys Break into an Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle

Jessica Miley

There is something enthralling, creepy and beautiful about abandoned spaces and they have been well documented by photographers by year. But throw in an abandoned space shuttle in an abandoned building! We are drooling. The team from Exploring the Unbeaten Path headed deep into Kazakhstan to get a look at the world's first space launch facility. It is still an active Russian military base, but some parts of the base are abandoned, including the section containing the space shuttles from the Buran project.

The guys drive through the vast steppe, a completely uninhabited stretch of flat land before leaving the car and taking the rest of the journey by foot. The plan is extremely dangerous. No one likes strangers near military bases, especially Russian ones. They finally arrive at the base, maneuvering past barb wire fences before breaking into the abandoned hangar.  

The dangerous journey is totally worth it for the epic view inside. Sitting there is a massive Buran space shuttle 78% completed. The Buran project was started in 1974 and officially abandoned in 1993.

The guys camp in the hangar for several days, gathering some absolutely stunning footage of the huge hangar and shuttle. They even manage to get inside the shuttle. It looks uncannily like scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The danger of the mission can’t be ignored. At one point they can hear cars arriving at the hangar and have to keep silent, locked inside the shuttle. They capture the must-see video on a variety of cameras, but the footage from the drone is breathtaking.