Watch Builders Install 250-Feet Wind Turbine from Scratch

You will salute every wind turbine that you pass by and its engineers after watching this video.
Derya Ozdemir

An eye-sore to one, a source of green energy to another, there is one thing that everyone can agree on when it comes to wind turbine farms: They are marvels of engineering. 

In this video, you can watch the installation process of these gigantic structures as the patient and talented workers transport, assemble, and install them. Of course, they aren't just hammered into the grass with a giant mace: Step-by-step, the foundation is dug, framed, and filled to accommodate the 250-feet (76-meter) wind turbine. 

The video is extremely informative and goes into detail over how they are made to withstand strong winds and other forces. As the video's caption reads, these gigantic wind turbine farm installations take engineering to a whole another level.

Now, some other questions remain unanswered: why are they painted white,  why do they have three blades, and how about the installation of offshore wind turbines? We guarantee that it is no less astonishing than this one. 

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