Watch Crazy Russian Hacker Start a Fire With an Ice Sphere

Shelby Rogers

There have been many a magnifying glass used to start fires, normally at the expense of a nearby anthill. Magnifying glasses are pretty reliable ways to start fires. We immediately think to use them because they're convex glass. But can the same effect be pulled off with ice? YouTube's favorite Crazy Russian Hacker put ice spheres to the test.

To make the sphere, Taras Kul used ice molds you could easily find at a home goods store. He used coconut husk and char cloth for ignition material. Kul swears by char cloth whether you're starting a fire by friction or focused rays. It absorbs the sun's rays a lot easier, and you can make it yourself. Kul also linked his video for creating char cloth in the description.

This is an experiment you can try at home, unlike some of Kul's other antics. The supplies are simple and easy to find -- however, the dog is not included. Don't forget your safety glasses because "safety is number one priority," as Kul always says. (Maybe use some gloves while handling the char cloth and kindling, unlike Kul...)

Via Crazy Russian Hacker


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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