Watch Crazy Russian Hacker Test These Eight Random Kitchen Gadgets

Shelby Rogers

Need a gadget to shred your chicken? What about a handle for a cold can of soda? A 10-section slicer for vegetables? YouTuber Taras Kul of CrazyRussianHacker tested these as-seen-on-TV-style kitchen gadgets out for those of us tempted to make rash purchasing decisions on the internet. For a man whose tagline is "safety is number one priority," none of the gadgets seemed to be too dangerous. The most interesting gadget, however, was definitely the shredders that look eerily similar to Wolverine's claws. If anything, it gives users an excuse to shout Logan-inspired profanities while shredding meat.

Need more of Taras testing out kitchen gadgets? Don't fret; this video is number 9 in an entire series. You can watch him test out 10 more gadgets here.