Cracking Open an Egg in the Minnesota Cold. Will It Freeze Mid-Air?

At -27° F, weird things start happening.

We all know what happens when you break an egg in normal temperatures but what would happen if you did so in freezing cold.

YouTube channel Minnesota Cold decided to explore that question and brought us this not-to-be-missed video.

"Minnesota, it's so cold that...eggs freeze mid-air. This is what happens to eggs when you put them outside in Minnesota when it's -27 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 deg C)," says the video's description.

The host of the channel breaks two eggs. One mid-air between 2 stacks of bread and the other on a pan. Both times the eggs freeze in the oddest way making for some pretty nifty shapes.

It might seem like a quirky thing to make a video about, but Minnesota Cold is actually a show dedicated to such experiments.


"Minnesota Cold is dedicated to trying science experiments in the cold weather of Minnesota. We also like to make How To videos. Minnesota, it's so cold that..." says the video's description.

We have to say just watching the video sent shivers of cold down our backs. But it was all worth it just to see the outcome of such an interesting experiment. Go watch it now!

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