Watch Gold, White Gold and Silver Get Tested with Hydraulic Press

Will these metals break under a 150-ton-pressure or will they simply transform?

The Hydraulic Press Channel, a YouTube channel by a Finnish couple who press random objects into oblivion, has brought us many hydraulic press gems such as this video where they tested how strong money really is and this video where they tested a three-ton steel ring.

The videos are always oddly satisfying as you watch the elements slowly get under the pressure of the hydraulic press. Sometimes they break and other times they merely transform their shape.

For an added extra element of fun, the video's host and his wife always venture a guess about what pressure will be the breaking point for these elements. In this video, they test gold, white gold, and silver.

They make the cubes of the metals by taking jewelry and melting it down into square pieces. They then insert these pieces under the hydraulic press and turn it on!

We normally will let you discover yourselves what happens to the metals but this time we will give you a hint: the metals do not break, they simply transform. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Then watch the video to see the process for yourselves.

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