Watch as These Guys Ride a Logging Machine Like a Rodeo Bull

Shelby Rogers

A handful of Finnish guys decided to ride a logging machine like a rodeo bull. What could possibly go wrong?

The video comes courtesy of the YouTube channel Dudesons. The guys are known for performing wild antics and crazy stunts, but this might be one of their best videos yet. The 'bull' of choice? A Ponsse Scorpion tree harvester. They picked a tree that seems sturdy enough to withstand their vision and cleared the branches and anything from the tree that could possibly concuss them. Then they drilled a saddle to the log for the appearance that they've got some safety measures. Like any good rodeo, they time exactly how long each rider lasts on the log.

The channel's co-founder Jarno Laasala is the first one up to ride. He lasts a full two minutes and 40 seconds before falling off. Luckily, the harness prevents him from plummeting and crashing onto the ground below.

"I haven't been that scared in a really long time," he said, clutching his chest.

Round 2 sees the guys move out to a seemingly 'safer' location -- a nearby lake. However, the added element of maintaining grip while being tossed about in water certainly makes for an entertaining challenge.

The video is one part of a multi-part series from Dudesons called Meanwhile in Finland. Other videos in the series include an ice swimming challenge and potentially getting run over by an icebreaker ship.