Watch How Professionals Hack Their Bodies to Hold Their Breath Underwater for over Fifteen Minutes

Did you know that the world record for holding one's breath underwater is 22 minutes?
Donovan Alexander

Pre-smart devices, during the summer, a majority of people's past-times centered around swimming at a pool, lake or beach. However, you have never really had a"true pool experience", unless you challenged your mates to a game of "who can hold their breath the longest?" Though you probably bragged of holding your breath for "minutes" at a time, you were probably lucky if you made it beyond 30 seconds

If you were ever curious about how some trained professionals can hold their breath for minutes at a time. Today is your lucky day. However, before diving into this video you should be very wary about trying these tricks unless you are around professionals.

Though you could probably train yourself to finally beat your mates at a breath holding contest, it is best left to the professionals, as when done incorrectly, you are literally risking your life. 

As for the video, MinuteEarth's minimally drawn but engaging video breaks down how humans are able to train themselves to hold their breath utilizing techniques that hack the body to adjust to specific situations.

Without giving away spoilers, you can teach your body to override its survival instincts to hold your breath longer. Don't believe us?  In 2012, Professional German freediver Tom Sietas held his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds