Watch How Quickly a Dry Christmas Tree Can Turn Into a Deadly House Fire

You'd be surprised at how many dispatches fire departments roll out for Christmas tree related incidents each year.
Donovan Alexander

Don't let your holiday season go up in flames. Christmas can be a dangerous season, and not just because of those mildly irritating relatives of yours or your significant other's. But there's one tradition that can literally cost you or your loved ones their lives; the indoor Christmas tree. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a video reminding people who love to have a real Christmas tree indoors that keeping it well watered is essential for home fire safety. Apparently, a dry Christmas tree can pose a serious fire hazard. The tree and leaves contain highly-flammable oils that can spontaneously combust. Other fire triggers include wood-burning stoves, candles, and short circuits in cheap Christmas lights.

According to the United States National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2017 Christmas Tree fact sheet, U.S. fire departments responded to about 200 house fires that stemming from combusting Christmas trees between 2011–2015 each year. These fires caused an average of 6 civilian deaths, 16 injuries, and $14.8 million in direct property damage.

To minimize the risk of fire, the NFPA has a fact sheet that outlines hints and tips for a safe holiday season including how to pick, place, and care for your Christmas tree

It's always a good idea to keep your extinguisher in working condition around the household.

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