Watch How Steel, Aluminum and Plastic Tool Boxes Perform Under a Hydraulic Press

Can you guess which is the strongest tool box?
Derya Ozdemir

If you've ever wondered which material of toolbox would last under a 150-ton hydraulic press before you bought one, this video will most definitely curb your curiosity.

Famed for testing numerous objects from meat to hardened glass against their hydraulic press, the duo behind the Hydraulic Press Channel sets on a journey to test how steel, aluminum, and two different plastic toolboxes withstand the force of the press for the longest. Before the toolboxes reach the point of breaking completely, they use a 150-ton force sensor/load cell to measure how much force they can take. 

As usual, you shouldn't attempt this at your home, your screen is safe enough anyway. The video makes for an entertaining and enlightening watch if toolboxes are something that interests you of course. Nonetheless, it's mesmerizing how much they withstand before eventually shattering. Can you guess which one lasts the longest? Enjoy! 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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