Watch How Trippy It Looks Inside a Spherical Mirror

This guy put a camera inside a spherical mirror and possibly opened a portal to another dimension.

Dancing on the edge of disturbing and somewhat claustrophobic, this video by the YouTube channel The Action Lab is not for the fainthearted. Ever the most curious, he puts a small camera inside a real spherical mirror to see what it looks like on the inside. He tries to answer questions such as whether the light reflects forever and what the reflection looks like from a different perspective.

He shows all the views you would see if you were moving inside the sphere, and the process almost looks like opening a portal to another dimension. The sights almost feel like watching a black hole simulation expand and take over the whole mirror, providing some of the best illusions you'll probably see for a while.

However, in addition to those epic shots, it also does feel like a music video from the 2000s at the same time, so what you get from this video is completely up to your imagination. Enjoy!

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