Watch How You Can Make a Drill-Powered Spray Paint Mixer

This is the 'easiest and cheapest' spray paint can shaker you can build without any need for welding or special tools.

If coming up with simple, out-of-the-box solutions to common problems that we face every day is something that entertains you, this drill-powered spray paint mixer built to save people from exhausted arms might be something that you're going to be enthusiastic about.

In this video by YouTube channel sixtyfiveford, he builds the "easiest and cheapest" spray paint can shaker since the average spray paint needs to be shaken for about one or two minutes. If you had a used spray paint can sitting around for some time, you'd have to shake the can for more than five minutes just to get it going. This makes the job harder than it should be and could fatigue the artist before they can start painting. 

In order to solve this problem without buying expensive equipment, the craftsman devises a drill-powered shaker made from a 3" plastic plumbing pipe and a 3" pipe test plug. The build is not only simple but could help those suffering from arthritis greatly. Curious to see how? Enjoy!

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