Watch Insect-Inspired Robot Titan-XIII Make Its Way Across a Grassy Field

The Titan-XIII was used to prove that insect-style quadruped robots could walk as fast as mammal style robots. Robotics researchers at the Suzumori Endo Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology built the terrifying Titan-XIII to prove it. The results of the research were published in ROBOMECH Journal in 2016.

The video shows the Titan-XIII scuttling around a grassy field. It is similar to another video of the second set of experiments on how insect robots are better at moving on uneven ground than mammal robots. The second set of experiments were done by Satoshi Kitano, Gen Endo, Koichi Suzumori, and Shigeo Hirose. Their aim was to prove that insectoid robots have lower centers of gravity as well as greater stability than mammal-robots. This makes them better suited to carrying things over uneven ground.

Via Suzumori Endo Robotics Laboratory