Watch Light be Used to See And Stimulate The Inside of The Human Body And Brain

The founder of novel technology that uses the science of holography to go safely deep inside the human body explains how her ingenious invention works.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Medical technology is constantly evolving in astonishing ways. From organ chips that can be used to study our brains to robots capable of completing tumor removals, it seems the field is only limited by its engineers' imagination.

In the latest of incredible healthcare-related innovations comes Openwater, a surprisingly simple yet magnificently efficient system for seeing deep inside the human body and brain with unparalleled detail. Using a high-resolution 3D camera, this novel technology manages to shed light on our innermost workings.

In this illuminating TED talk, Openwater founder and previous engineering executive at Facebook, Oculus and Google Mary Lou Jepsen illustrates her apparatuses' many versatile applications. With several props and well-crafted slides, she explains how she uses the science of holography to empower Openwater's impressive capabilities.

Openwater's website says the firm is a "startup focused on devising a new generation of imaging technologies, with high resolution and low costs, enabling medical diagnoses and treatments, and a new era of fluid and affordable brain-to-computer communications." The firm aims to use its new series of ever-evolving technologies "to build better, faster and cheaper solutions in healthcare - for strokes, cancer and many diseases, all working non-invasively - without opening the body or brain."

Watch the talk to understand how red light is used not only to see but also to stimulate what's inside the human body and brain safely and without any discomfort to the subject. Jepsen explains this complex topic in simple terms making it accessible to all and entertaining to watch.

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Not surprisingly, Jepsen is also a professor at MIT. Her many inventions and patents have been recognized with prestigious awards including TIME magazine’s “Time 100,” characterizing Jepsen as one of the 100 most influential people in the entire world.  

Via: TED talk

Watch Light be Used to See And Stimulate The Inside of The Human Body And Brain


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