Watch 30L of Liquid Nitrogen Get Poured into a Swimming Pool

What happens if you pour 30L of liquid nitrogen into a pool? Thanks to the Crazy Russian Hacker, we now know the answer.
Jessica Miley

What happens if you pour 30L of liquid nitrogen into a pool? It isn’t a question we asked ourselves before. But now thanks to the Crazy Russian Hacker we don't have to. Watch him as he dumps 30L of nitrogen into his very swanky infinity pool. Immediately a massive cloud forms and envelops him. It looks super cool, and the Crazy Russian Hacker is also impressed with the results. As the cloud clears, you can see the liquid nitrogen still floating on the surface in tiny shards of ice emitting vapor.

Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. It is has a wide array of uses. In medicine, it is used to remove skin lesions and warts. It is also used in refrigeration and for transporting goods at a low temperature.

The Crazy Russian Hacker is professional YouTuber,  Taras Kulakov. His channel is full of weird life hacks including the super popular video “What happens if you boil Coke?” His videos range from science to life hacks but all are delivered with a really endearing charm that has seen his site grow to more than 12 million subscribers. 

He explains how he chooses topics, “A lot of things I know before, and a lot of things I have to search them on [the] internet and then put my soul into it, make them even better than what I find and make my own ideas. I only choose the awesome ones.”

Via CrazyRussianHacker

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