Watch Mesmerizing Model Train Turn Around in an Endless Spiral

This man build an infinitely-looped spiral model railroad.
Derya Ozdemir

If you have a thing for trains or like to be reminded of the futility of our existence by the metaphor of a snake eating its own tail without avail, then this mesmerizing video is perfect for you.

Model train lover James Risner built this "bi-directional spiral" using an HO-scale train almost five years ago; however, it is so beautiful that it has stayed relevant since.  

While the train is a normal one that isn't particularly noteworthy, it is connected in such a way that it looks like it is a spiral galaxy that turns and turns, remaining connected and infinite.

You can watch this forever until you realize you've replayed it ten times in a row; however, this looping, infinite model train will never arrive anywhere. Powered by seven HO-scale locomotives, Risner’s model also works in reverse. 

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This video is filled with mysteries: How did he coordinate the speeds of the engines in a way that the whole thing doesn't derail? How does it work in such perfect motion? Did he bend the laws of the universe to build this infinitely-looped spiral railroad? We think that the latter is quite possible. 

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