Watch Microsoft's New AI Hologram Speak Fluent Japanese

Microsoft's new hologram can not only move and project fully, but also speak in an entirely other language.

Even if you don't know a single word of Japanese it looks like you'd still be able to give a keynote speech in the language, fluently.

Microsoft has created an impressive full-bodied hologram, and not only can it talk and appear in its remarkably accurate 3D image, but it can now talk in another language. 

In this video, the hologram represents the woman giving the presentation, and looks and sounds exactly like her. The only difference once it starts to speak is that, even though it retains her voice, the hologram speaks in Japanese -- a language not spoken by the keynote speaker. 

What's impressive is the potential this offers for future business-related exchanges. It would open up a world that can speak and explain themselves perfectly in numerous languages, and appear almost in person. 

The question is: what will happen to the field of translation? Perhaps they'll be the ones to translate all the texts. 

See for yourselves by checking out this innovative and futuristic video. 

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