Watch This Model Rocket Engine Smash A Glass Fish Tank in 4K Slow Motion

Jessica Miley

Why is watching stuff get destroyed so soothing? We don’t have an answer but watch this model rocket engine dropped in a fish tank to find your happy place.

The model rocket engine is dropped in the tank by the team at Warped Perception. They have a solid reputation for capturing model rocket engine footage with high-speed cameras. Their videos demonstrate how engines burn and what makes them so powerful.

For this video, they drop the engine into an ordinary fish tank. At first, it doesn't seem like we're going to get treated to much action. That is until the engine detonation charge goes off. With enough force to eject a parachute, the fish tank instantly explodes, shattering into thousands of pieces. The moment is all beautifully captured in 4K slow motion. The rocket is made from potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, which means it can burn all the way through even when submerged in water.  

If you like watching rocket’s exploding under odd conditions check out the video of the rocket they burned in a vacuum.

The team makes a bunch of great videos, making the most of the slo-mo 4K footage. The aim of their channel is described as "changing your perception of things you see every day and some things you don't, through the use of amazing technology to show you a world that's too quick to see with the naked eye." Warped Perception channel host goes on to say, "I believe that slow motion and ultra slow motion videos give us a look into a world which we normally cannot see but we know it exists, it extends the ability of the human eye and human perception in a sense."

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