Watch This Skateboard Wheel Get Pummeled by a 60,000 PSI Waterjet

Jessica Miley

There is a plethora of “how it's made” videos out there, with people cutting things up or throwing them off the roof to show you exactly how it is made. Then there are people that just want to cut stuff up, well, because it's cool. The team from Waterjet Channel is the latter. The guys have a ridiculously powerful 60,000 PSI waterjet that can cut almost anything in half with a staggering level of precision. In this case, they take a very beautiful skateboard and charming pair of dusty pink Nikes to place under the waterjet. But moving the waterjet onto the skateboard wheel even surprised them.

Watch the video to see all the details in slow motion. The wheel expands off its axle before exploding and flying with some serious force up into the ceiling.

The board reacts with a little more stability, succumbing to the 60,000 PSI waterjet being neatly ‘sawn’ in half lengthways. The shoes get the same treatment. What is somewhat satisfying about this video is there isn’t ever much more explanation about what the object is made of etc., it is simply just the joy of putting a high-pressure jet of water through a bunch of stuff.

Although to be fair, it's not all about destroying stuff. In the video featuring a ring designer, the team makes jewelry from slices of a legitimate meteorite. The results are beautiful.