Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Land in a Swimming Pool in Augmented Reality

Kathleen Villaluz

With just less than a month after the launch of Apple's ARKit tool, various augmented reality simulations are already surfacing up within the online community. For example, the moon landing that took place in a kitchen was quite the spectacle. That simulation was designed by Tomas Garcia, and his latest augmented reality demo is of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landing on a drone ship. The designer used a swimming pool's horizontal surface as the platform to place the drone ship.

For those who have not yet dabbled with the augmented reality craze, Apple's ARkit works by analyzing the environment shown via the camera view and searching for flat planes. The AR tool is capable of detecting horizontal surfaces like tables and floors as well as track and place objects on smaller feature points. By using the camera sensor of an iPhone or iPad, ARkit is able to study the amount of light available in a scene then gives virtual objects the right amount of lighting. This augmented reality demo here provides an insight on how to work ARkit and what you can play with using the AR tool.