Watch Tesla Autopilot Stop at Red Lights All by Itself

A Tesla hacker found a new Autopilot feature dormant in Tesla’s 2019.8.3 software update that allows the car to autonomously stop at red lights.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Tesla hacker verygreen published this video of a Tesla autopilot stopping for red lights all by itself. The hacker found a new Autopilot feature dormant in Tesla’s 2019.8.3 software update.

This advanced system detects traffic lights and enables Autopilot to act on those traffic lights. It should be noted that the feature is not available on the public version of Autopilot. Therefore do not try this on your own and always stay alert and vigilant while on the road. 

Verygreen also states that the feature also works for stop signs. "It can also stop for stop signs, but I cannot find a good location to video it without putting anyone in danger, so that's for another time," reads the hacker's description.

Furthermore, verygreen reveals that if the feature is unsure of a current light status, it approaches the intersection carefully so it can stop gently if there should be a red light.

He also points out the issues with the system "So now the problems. it's actually not very robust at telling red from green in some conditions, see at timestamp 4:05 how it flipflops. and then nearly runs a red light at 5:12 and I need to intervene," writes the hacker.


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