Watch Tesla's Model 3 Being Tested for Safety in This Crash Test Video

Watch the Tesla Model 3 hit impact after impact in this video, showcasing its resilience.
Fabienne Lang

Tesla's Model 3 electric vehicle came onto the market and onto our roads this year, and it has been a success. Affordable, eco-friendly, and with a 5-star safety rating, it's an impressive car that also looks good.

To further prove its safety rating, the European New Car Assessment Programme, or Euro NCAP in short, has run a series of crash tests on the model.

From a frontal impact test to a very impressive pole test, and to a number of pedestrian tests, with everything in between, this video clearly demonstrates how safe the Tesla Model 3 really is. 

Watch the video to see the full run of tests, and you'll soon realize that one of the potential biggest injuries could come from the person sitting beside you giving you an inadvertent backhand slap. The vehicle's just that well built. 

One of the reason's this model is so safe is thanks to having more space in the front section of the car, where the engine typically goes, adding more support for the front of the car. That said, the rest of the car remains rather rigid upon impact as well - take a look for yourselves. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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