Watch the Cockpit View of a Plane Landing in the 'Arctic Paradise' Maniitsoq, Greenland

Take a look from above at this picturesque and mesmerizing town often called the Venice of Greenland or the Arctic Paradise.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Maniitsoq is a small town in Maniitsoq Island, western Greenland that is often called "The Arctic Paradise." As of 2013, the town only had 2,670 inhabitants making it the sixth-largest town in Greenland.

According to, the town is also known as the Venice of Greenland. And don't let its tiny size or small population make you think the beautiful town is boring.

"In Greenland, we love to compare our small towns with world-famous metropolises, and since Maniitsoq is situated in an archipelago, intersected by small natural canals, the town has obviously been dubbed the “Venice of Greenland” by the locals. Anything less clearly would not be enough," says the town's section on 

"But where Venice falls just a bit short is where Maniitsoq shines. Active adventures open the gates to a backcountry with heliskiing, angling for Arctic charr, pods of visiting humpback whales, and the contrast between the rugged peaks of the Eternity Fjord and the quiet everyday life in the village of Kangaamiut, only an hour by boat from Maniitsoq." 

For those of you who can not make that far, we bring you this video from a cockpit of a plane landing there. The view is nothing short of mesmerizing, and it might just lead you to attempt a small trip to this faraway heaven on Earth.

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