Watch the Fully Solar-Powered Yacht 'Tesla of the Seas' Travel the Ocean

Solar-powered yachts are making waves in a traditionally diesel-chugging industry.
Derya Ozdemir

While you wouldn't list yachting as one of the most environmentally sensitive industries, that doesn't mean things can't change. With the era of electrification, many industries are turning their faces to the most obvious option that is glaring at us from above: Solar power.

Some yacht builders are making waves in the industry by designing zero-emission, solar-powered alternatives that outperform their diesel-chugging counterparts, and some are so quiet that you can hear the marine life swim. Furthermore, when compared to the rumble of a diesel engine, which sends the smell of diesel fumes your way, getting to smell the ocean breeze without any disruptions is a huge plus.

In this video by the travel bloggers Kara and Nate, you can see one such example of a 100 percent solar-powered yacht in action. The video will walk you through Silent Yacht's model 55, with tours of its living quarters, its first silent voyage, and explain how a solar-powered yacht works. They also answer questions such as what happens if it's cloudy, so make sure not to miss this video and enjoy!

Thumbnail: Silent Yacht

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