Watch the Incredibly Dangerous Low Fly-By Stunt That Got Two Pilots Suspended

Two Air Berlin pilots have been suspended after a low-level flying maneuver at Dusseldorf Airport. The pilots were investigated by German aviation authorities after frightening hundreds of passengers.
Jessica Miley

Two AirBerlin pilots have been suspended from flying after terrifying passengers with a crazy stunt. The pilots performed an insane low flying maneuver at Dusseldorf Airport last week in what they said was an attempt to commemorate Air Berlin’s last long-haul flight.

People inside and outside captured the unexpected act posting videos on social media. The pilots stated their descent as normal but then quickly took off again and made a low tight loop over the top of the airport before landing. The move was a shock to all who witnessed it. Many jumping to the conclusion the pilots had a more sinister motive.

The two pilots were investigated by the German Aviation Authority and consequently suspended for their irresponsible flying. While the maneuver was a shock to bystanders, it is reported that air traffic controllers had given permission to the pilots and were in on the practical joke.

AirBerlin will fly its last flight this week after the company became insolvent. The carrier which was famous for giving its passengers chocolate hearts as they left the airplane was founded 40 years ago by U.S. pilot Kim Lundgren. It became synonymous with Germans with holidays in Palma de Mallorca. AirBerlin has been financially supported by Etihad for the last few years but the Abu Dhabi-based company has withdrawn its support. Air Berlin employed more than 8,000 staff who are now scrambling to find work.

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