Watch The Magnus Effect Occur As Youtubers Drop A Zorb Ball From 165m

Ever wonder what would happen if you dropped a zorb ball from 165 meters? The How Ridiculous has got the answer.
Donovan Alexander

The Magnus effect has fascinated the internet over the past couple of years, displaying how odd the laws of physics are in this world.

In one of their latest videos, the “How Ridiculous” team demonstrates the age-old question, ”what happens when you drop a back spinning Zorb ball from a 165m dam.”

For the uninitiated, the Magnus effect or Magnus force is a phenomenon named after the German physicist Gustav Magnus. Now as part of Issac Newton’s third laws of motion, it is the force that causes a ball to curve a certain distance after caressing the ball to trigger a backspin.

As seen in the video, when a ball is dropped from a significant distance and given a backspin the object doesn't just fall straight down but actually gains some additional distance because of the spin.

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In the video above, the team decided to test what would happen if you were to drop a huge Zorb ball off of the Luzzone Dam in Ticino Switzerland.

How Ridiculous is a team of YouTubers from Australia creating videos centered around dropping objects from tremendous heights. If you enjoyed this video be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

Check out the video above and witness the Magnus effect.

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