Watch The Mercedes-Benz Seven-Speed Automatic Transmission Used on its Newest Production Vehicles

The new transmission will continue to make to appear on popular Mercedes models like the S 500, CL 500, and SL 500.
Interesting Engineering

Mercedes is synonymous with two things automotive engineering and luxury. Curious how that comes together? An upgrade from the first generation of the 7G-TRONIC, the 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission promises to operate more smoothly, quickly, and economically than its older cousin. In the video, the Mercedes team seductively breaks down some of the impressive offerings of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS. "Its efficiency has been optimized by measures such as an engine connection offering a further reduction in converter slip and markedly diminished gear friction losses, " says the team. 

This fifth-generation transmission was the first seven-speed automatic transmission ever used on a production vehicle. Debuting, 2003, the transmission was placed on five different eight-cylinder models: the E500S 430S 500CL 500, and SL 500. According to Mercedes, the 7G Tronic is more fuel-efficient and has shorter acceleration times quicker and intermediate sprints than the outgoing 5-speed automatic transmission. In any standard case, this Mercedes can sequentially shift gears, but if required it can skip some gears.