Watch the Slo-Mo Symmetry of Water Balloons Being Hit with Rackets

It might be one of the most satisfying slow motion videos in recent history.
Shelby Rogers

Ever wonder what happens to a racketball when it makes contact with a racket? What about if water balloons made contact instead?

Leave it to YouTube personality Crazy Russian Hacker to come up with the idea for this video. The premise was simple: collect water balloons, find a badminton racket, set the slow-mo camera for various shots, and see what happens.

The man behind the channel -- Taras Kulakov -- set his slow-motion cameras to 25,000 frames per second. From there, he spent most of the video tossing water balloons in the air in hopes that he'd be able to hit one with the racket and catch it on film. 

Kulakov has quite a bit of success throughout the video, capturing some of the weird physics behind the balloons. The video is arguably one of Crazy Russian Hacker's most fun and repeatable video experiments anyone can do at home. All it takes are a few water balloons, a racket of choice, and lots of patience trying to hit the water balloons.

(Just remember to always wear your safety goggles, as "safety is number one priority.")

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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