Watch the Telescopic Crawler Crane Assemble Itself

Maybe we are not too far from a world with transformers in it.
Interesting Engineering

That's right. This thing is almost a transformer. Created by the company Liebherr, the LTR-1220 self-assembly telescopic crawler crane is very cool. The all-terrain crane has excellent maneuverability for a vehicle its size. However, one of the biggest selling points is the ability of the telescopic crawler crane to self-erect itself.

Each of the LTR cranes can be transported to the intended worksite on a low loader and impressively the central ballast, cross-carrier, crawler, and turntable table are installed without an auxiliary crane. This means that the LTR 1220 can be up and running quickly. It is also a beast. The current model has a maximum load capacity of 220 tons and a telescopic boom of 60 meters.

Nonetheless, it has a max hoist height of 101 meters and can rotate itself at a radius of 88 meters. LTRs are more agile than you think and have been seen to be navigating the difficult road conditions in Peru, operating in a copper-zinc mine in the Andes almost 5,000 meters above sea level. If the thing were to transform would it be a Decepticon or Autobot? How soon before we get to see a transforming firetruck? That would be awesome.   

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