Watch the The Slow Mo Guys Shoot Bullets at 27,000fps Underwater

It almost feels like a scene from a James Bond film.

What are you going to get when you watch the Youtubers, The Slow Guys? Awesome slow-motion videos that mix a healthy amount of physics, engineering, and dumb fun. In their latest video above, the dynamic duo shoots pistol underwater during the winter and capture the hypnotizing footage underwater. Why? Because it is awesome and feels like something you might see in a spy movie. Mind you, the water in the video is about 4 degrees Celsius or about 32 degrees Fahrenheit

A couple of interesting things are happening in this video. First, water is 800% denser than air, so unlike a bullet fired above the surface, it immediately begins slowing down once the bullet hits the water. This also means that the bullet will not travel as far as it would in air. 


In most experiments involving some bullets and some water, the shell sank before hitting the halfway point due to the intense resistance in the water. In short, you will have a hard time hitting your mark underwater. Nonetheless, the YouTubers created some great visuals that highlighted the physics at play. What other experiments would you like to see in slow motion? Do you have any that you would like to try at home?

We wonder how different bullet sizes would work in this experiment? 

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