Watch the Timelapse Video of Construction Workers in Amsterdam Building a Road Tunnel in 3 Days

Construction workers in Amsterdam replaced an old high way and a rail track with a new road tunnel in just 3 days.
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In Amsterdam, construction workers replaced a highway and a rail track and built new and concrete ones only in 3 days. A timelapse video published on youtube shows how workers worked day and night to complete the construction and build a new road tunnel. 

The reconstruction was finished an hour ahead of the time that was planned.

The project was part of a $2 billion expansion of the Amsterdam Zuid train station and the area around it. 

Extra space was needed for the renovated rail links and to do that, they needed to build over existing roads. 

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity at Zuid for the commuters arriving from Schipol Airport, also A10 South will be expanded from four lanes to six.

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This is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands and it's expected to be completed in 9 years, by 2028. 

The timelapse video shows how the construction workers quickly and efficiently built the new road.

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