Watch the ‘World’s Largest’ Liquid Nitrogen Explosion

It's going to get cold in here.
Derya Ozdemir

Who doesn't enjoy seeing stuff blow up? If you enjoy them as much as we do, this video will satisfy your hunger for a while, as you'll be able to witness the "world's largest" liquid nitrogen explosion.

YouTuber Nick Uhas, who is behind the video, first explains how they mixed boiling hot water, washable paint, and soap with liquid nitrogen and got fantastic results — but then they thought, why not make it even more fantastic?

He practically doubles the amount of boiling water and liquid nitrogen in this video to try to make the reaction even bigger and better.

Curious to learn how the reaction works? He explains that it's thanks to the temperature difference between the boiling water and the liquid nitrogen. When the water comes into contact with the liquid nitrogen it is instantly vaporized. Some of this water vapor gets pushed into the soap creating foam. At the same time, the water vapor is creating pressure inside the water tank which forces out both the newly formed cloud and colored foam. Nothing beats actually watching the video though, so make sure you give it a watch above! 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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