Watch These Guys Make Epic Basketball Trick Shots All Around Istanbul

Kathleen Villaluz

Bottle flipping and fidget spinning are amongst some of the most viral video posts circulating online right now. But I'm sure you've seen this video going around too, as this group of guys film themselves on top of the highest places they can find and take basketball shots.

What's amazing is that each time, the balls shoot spot on through the hoop meters below from where they take the shots. These guys have traveled around the world just to do this, and, lucky for them, they get sponsored to fly and stay in a city just to do this simple trick. In this video, the Australians flew all the way to Istanbul, Turkey (courtesy of Turkish Airlines) to shoot some hoops around the historic and vibrant city. From the Galata Tower to the Bosphorus Bridge, and even on top of the Maiden Tower, follow the epic trick shots of these guys as they show us around the city in this 3:47-minute video.

Now, we're all aware that there's some serious science behind these incredible shots but we won't try to break it down. It kind of takes away the fun from the whole watching experience if the physics loses its mystery. Pretty much like "a magician never reveals his secret" kind of scenario. But just to give you a hint, you should be thinking about trajectory, momentum, and Newton's SECOND law of motion.

These cool guys may not exactly have those physical principle terms to mind while they are taking their shots but surely their mind unconsciously calculates those vector quantities for them to perfect each shot. And that's the fascinating thing about it, our minds are powerful and it knows what it's doing. You just need to spark it up with a little curiosity and enthusiasm.

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