Watch These People Play a Car Balancing Game on a Giant Seesaw

This dangerous game of balance was played with passengers onboard without any safety equipment.

If you're an avid car enthusiast and love playing car simulations, you must have seen those popular games where you try to balance various slick cars on a seesaw track tilting ramp. They are admittedly fun and require a certain level of skill, but at the end of the day, they are just games. Doing something like that would be extremely dangerous in real life. Some people though, have no problems with living dangerously. 

This video from 2017 which was resurfaced by The Drive a few days ago shows two Geo Trackers playing a game of balance on a massive seesaw with passengers onboard! It seems as though there are no guardrails and no safety mechanisms that could stop the cars from falling off the seesaw. As far as can be seen, the people inside are not wearing helmets either.

No context is given for the whereabouts of the stunt, so it is not clear why such a thing is happening, but one thing is for sure — people do love their adrenaline!

H/T The Drive
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