Watch These Twins Fly Their Own Bathtub Drone

These twins take manned drone flying to a whole new level when they use drone technology to make a bathtub fly.
Jessica Miley

It’s the stuff of children’s dream: a flying bathtub. Now this incredible idea has become a reality thanks to two twenty-year-old twins. The two boys describe themselves as recent graduates intent on realizing all our crazy ideas and childhood dreams. The team who call themselves the Real Life Guys have some serious equipment and time on their side. In this featured video, they show off the manned drone they designed and built, then they take it to the next level by applying what they learned to make the bathtub take off! 

After a few false starts the bathtub takes off! Its first flight is unmanned and seems to go to plan. The bathtubs test flight is undertaken in an empty school gym which sort of adds to the childhood dream atmosphere of the whole thing. The boys' sleepover in the gym for the night to wake up early for the tubs first manned flight. While it seems ridiculous, the whole thing looks surprisingly safe. If you are not a German speaker make sure you add the English subtitles so you can get the full commentary. After a successful test flight, the boys decide their next steps are to first make the tub able to be piloted. Their next goal is to take the tub outside. They also are asking their YouTube fans for ideas of what to do with the flying tub, so if you have some radical ideas, let them know.