Watch This Ancient Meat Cleaver Get Restored to its Former Glory

A builder decided to refurbish a rusted butchers knife, cleaning it up and outfitting it with a shiny new handle.
Shelby Rogers

While it might have been cheaper to just buy a new knife, there's nothing quite as satisfying as restoring one from scratch. That's what one YouTube handyman did from the Random Hands channel. They took what they called an "ancient meat cleaver" and restored it to look far cleaner than how it started. 

The builder said he picked this particular knife from the trash heap because it looked cool: 

"By the way, this butcher knife or cleaver looks like a pirate's sword, so I found it something interesting to restore. Anyways, I did restoration just for fun because the effort and time I put on this restoration is much worthy, and we even can buy such a new cleaver for less amount"

Rather than use a heavier metal for the handle, the builder opted for a brass handle to give it extra shine. However, brass isn't as easy to cast as aluminum, according to the builder, so they had to resort to a homemade furnace to melt the brass down. 

"Brass Almost melts at 900°C to 940°C," the builder noted in comments. "While melting brass, wear safety masks to avoid zinc fumes. Also, remember to wear other SAFETY stuff during casting Metal because safety is the first priority.

"It was totally rusted so I removed the rust with the help of DILUTE sulphuric acid. Dilution was compulsory for reaction with iron. Remember that use the acid with complete safety and having complete information because ACIDS are not playing liquids. You MUST wear safety or rubber gloves and keep outside all the procedure while you are using the acid because a lot of gases fumes release while the reaction takes place."

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