Watch This Bridge in Taiwan Collapse in Seconds

This bridge in Taiwan goes down, leads to death and injury of many people.

When you're on a bridge, it's almost impossible to think about what would happen if the bridge collapses all of a sudden? Would you die? Would you be able to swim? Would you get stuck in the car? Well, at least once in your life you wondered the answers to these questions.

The things that happen afterward a bridge collapses aren't so fancy, indeed it can be pretty horrifying. It can lead to many injuries in people or even to death, and sometimes even to trust issues with bridges.

This video shows a 20-year-old bridge collapsing in Taiwan. The terrible incident killed 6 people and injured more than 10.

The collapsed bridge is wanted to be rebuilt and the estimated cost of the rebuilding is expected to be around NT$520 million which equals US$16.8 million. We hope that nothing like this will ever occur in the new bridge, or in any other bridge in the world.

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