Watch This Brilliant Tow Truck Load a Car Under a Minute

Shelby Rogers

When towing companies or tow trucks make headlines, it's normally at the expense of another driver. Rarely is it for a pleasant scenario. In recent years, tow trucks have moved cars in the middle of the night. They've damaged other vehicles in attempts to tow one particular car.

However, tow trucks are certainly necessary. In the United States alone, the towing industry makes $6 billion a year and is expected to grow. For anyone who has experienced getting their car towed, it feels like an arduous process. Nothing worse than seeing your prized mechanized baby get pulled away by a massive vehicle. But this video shows that towing can be made a lot less painful if given the right technology. This video from Turkey shows the truck with a lift attached to its left side. It simply pulls next to the car. Then it lowers the forks under the wheels. It raises the car up, and in two fluid movements lifts it onto the back of the tow. The whole process takes a matter of moments. The biggest problem with this? A careless driver possibly getting a little too close to the side of a car.