Watch This Easy Way to Block Bed Bugs from Reaching Your Bed

This may be the best way to stop bed bugs in their tracks and rid yourself of the nasty critters.
Fabienne Lang

Bed bugs are a nuisance the world around, leaving bites on your skin itching, and a mess under sideboards or mattresses, and can even create epidemics in cities and towns.

As this short video demonstrates, bed bugs are tiny insects that feast on our blood as we sleep. They come out at night, from the corners of our mattresses or from beneath sideboards, to feed on us mere humans, and their stings typically leave us with itchy bites. Not pleasant at all!

To add insult to injury, they can procreate quickly and often, leaving your home infested with baby bed bugs called nymphs.

But, there are different ways of ridding yourself and your home of these nasty suckers.

Heat and bug sprays have worked relatively well and cleaning everything from your sheets to your clothes thoroughly helps too. However, they're quite hard to catch as they are so small and there can be so many of them in one space.

This video shows us an even better way to take care of them. In a foolproof manner to stop them in their tracks, there is a natural way. The people in the Balkans have been using this method for catching bed bugs and stopping them from reaching their beds for years.