Watch This Entertaining Video about the Debunked Research on 'Horns' and Phone Usage

This entertaining video amalgamates information shared about whether or not phones are giving kids horns.
Fabienne Lang

Last week, research by the University of Queensland in Australia published a peer-reviewed study stating that the growing use of mobile phones is giving kids horns.

In other words, extra bone growth is emerging at the back of kids' heads where their skull meets their spine.

Why? Staring down at mobile phones for long periods of time.

However, since it was published, the study has been stirring up a fair bit of commotion, with many researchers and scientists debunking and discrediting the paper's points. Little true and analytical scientific information was provided in the study, so it doesn't have much proof to back up its points. 

What the video also points out is that perhaps the headline was too catchy for the University of Queensland researchers to pass up. Not a scientifically proven statement, but it rings quite true. 

This video combines all the information into seven and a half entertaining minutes of explanation. You can catch all there is to know about the subject, what's wrong with the "research" and form your own opinion in the end.

Watch and find out! 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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