Watch This Guy Build a CGI Version of Himself to Fool His Friends

None of the friends at first realized they were chatting with an AI-generated persona.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Have you ever been fooled by an artificial intelligence (AI) bot? One YouTuber called Ferdi created one such bot to fool all his friends.

The process was quite complex and included Ferdi painting black dots on his face to outline his movements. But in the end, it proved very successful.

He video called most of his friends asking them if they had ever spoken to a robot. Most of his friends remained unaware that he was indeed a bot.

So to toy with them further, Ferdi started spinning his healed all around. Now, his friends realized he was either possessed or a bot.

It's fun to watch all his friends' reactions as they go from simply chatting to a friend to realizing they are in the presence of advanced AI. It's also impressive that Ferdi could achieve this on his own without too many tools.

This does leave us wondering about the dangers of deep fakes and the need to possibly control such technology. Still, the video is well-edited and entertaining and might even inspire you to create your own deep fake.

What do you think of deep fakes? Are they fun or dangerous?

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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