Watch This Guy Getting Locked onto Lamppost by His Very Own Legs

This guy was too confident with himself about getting himself out of the lamppost, only to find out that he couldn't.
Nursah Ergü

Have you ever had a crazy stupid idea when you're with your friends, and bet that you'd succeed in it? Jumping into a private pool in the middle of the night, asking stupid things to strangers, eating 30 hotdogs in a row... These can be one of those crazy ideas that you've ever had.

And it doesn't matter wherever you are or how old you are to have these kinds of funny but also stupid ideas. 

This guy had the same thought. He believed that he would get himself out of the lamppost, but he got locked. Until his friends decide to help him, you can see his very effort to get himself out of it, but it doesn't work.

If you want to see a video that can remind you of the stupid ideas you have or had when you're or were drunk or sober, you should watch this video.


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