Watch This Guy Turn a Basic Fan into a Cool Bass Instrument

This guy turned a fan into a bass instrument by using a disk and it'll be music to your ears!
Nursah Ergü

Do you like electronic music? Techno, house, deep house, dubstep? The sound of bass? Do you also like innovation and people with crazy, creative minds?

Then here's an amazing video for you. This guy attached a disk with holes to the fan which converts blinks of light to electronic signals and creates sounds from a bass amplifier. 

The holes on the disk generate a musical scale, and by turning the power on and off, it roars. Giving us a musical feast! 

You see, with a creative mind, you don't have to pay for a Skrillex concert. You actually only need a fan, a disk and a little bit of imagination to have a successful dubstep concert in your room. 

And if you're a bass guitarist and thinking of buying a new guitar, maybe you shouldn't. Build this device at home for fun and see where it goes! It would be a shocking but such a cool concert for your audience.

What's stopping you from turning your fan into a bass as cool as this one? Maybe you can come up with an instrument of your own. Just trust your imagination and your engineering skills, obviously. 


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