Watch This Guy Use an Exoskeleton to Lift a 50 Pound Sword

The sword is inspired by a “Final Fantasy VII" character.

If you have ever seen the hit video game “Final Fantasy VII" then you have probably witnessed the giant sword Cloud uses. Even though it is gigantic and probably rather heavy, Cloud seems to have no problem yielding it.

That's probably why Allen Pan, from the YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced, thought he could likely do it too. So he had his friend build a 50-pound sword just like Cloud's.

The problem was that no one could lift. This is because by placing a handle at the end of the sword they created a torque that made the sword weigh at least 150 pounds.

But that did not stop Pan. Instead, he bought an exoskeleton to acquire the strength to lift the sword. He then attached a bungee jumping cord on the top of the sword to be able to lift it.

In the end, Pan does not swerve the sword as gracefully as Cloud does but he does have his way with it (sort of). Is it worth the $900 he paid for the exoskeleton not to mention the cost of forging the sword? Watch and judge for yourself.

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