Watch This Lifted 2015 Subaru Outback Drive Through Mud Rivers and More Offroad

Grant Wilson took a 2015 Outback and went to town modifying it to make his dream camping car.
Jessica Miley

Grant Wilson had a vision to build a car that was tough offroad but also super comfortable driving along highways and through city streets. Sounds like an impossible dream right? Most city SUVs don’t offer enough height to get you off the beaten track, but high-performance adventure vehicles can be uncomfortable and pretty sluggish out on the autobahn. To create his dream machine, Wilson took a 2015 Subaru Outback and made a few modifications. The comfortable car has been lifted up and is treated to some much tougher tires than the standards and it’s protected from offroad scrapes with skid plates. In order to make the car the ultimate camping setup, Wilson added roofracks, a nifty fridge that pulls out of the boot on rails and awning to protect him from the weather.

While Wilson is saying his vehicle is rock crawling ready, far from it, it does go deeper offroad than most everyday vehicles while still maintaining the luxury and comfort Subaru has become known for. Wilson has detailed his journey with his Subaru from its first day out of the shop to its ultimate transformation on this forum. He now runs the site offroad Subaru where he advertised the one-of-a-kind vehicle for sale in February this year. 

Via: Jalopnik

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