Watch This Musician Emulate the Sound of a French Horn, Trumpets, and More with His Guitar

Air guitar just took on a whole new meaning as this musician uses an air compressor to recreate other instruments' sounds.
Fabienne Lang

Using nothing but air this impressive display of musical creativity shows how much more a guitar can offer than just some chords and some strumming.

This musician impressively uses an air compressor, and a fair bit of ingenuity, to recreate the sounds of various instruments, sometimes even combining two at the same time, with his electric and acoustic guitars. 

You'll be surprised at how accurate the tunes of a tuba, a trumpet, a clarinet, among other instruments, can sound coming from a guitar!

No extra assistance from pedals, synthesizers or special effects were used, it's pure, clean and simply compressed air and guitars being used here. We'll admit that a sock and a five euro note did provide some assistance in innovative ways, but that's for you to find out.

How does he do it? You'll have to watch, listen and see for yourselves -- but it's a safe bet to say jaws will drop and heads will nod to the different beats as you do. 

It's enough to make you want to run to the nearest musical instrument shop, purchase a guitar, an air compressor, and try this at home! Watch and get inspired! 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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