Watch This New Hardcore Flame Throwing Drone in Action

The Wasp Drone Flamethrower TF-19 has just been released and its precise fire aim will leave you in awe.
Fabienne Lang

The new and impressive TF-19 Wasp Drone Flamethrower is now out and ready for business. 

Sleek in its black casing, and built to withstand every type of weather condition - from harsh and blustery winter weather to extremely hot environments - the Wasp's hardcore enough to handle it all. 

With its 25-foot flame-throwing range and tank that can hold up to one gallon of fuel, the TF-19 Wasp can continuously fire flames for one minute and a half. It'll exceed expectations for those using it.

With its ability to reach higher ranges, it'll help professionals in need of exact firing tools in tricky and hard-to-reach locations. Extremely cold or hot weather conditions won't stop it - making it an extremely handy tool. 

Boasting a unique rail slider system, and no tools needed in order to refuel and adjust it, it's one of the easiest drones to use on the market. Easily handled with an onboard FPV camera, allowing the user to see exactly what the drone is heading towards, targeting and flying are made easy. 

Take a look yourselves and see the impressive and hardcore TF-19 Wasp Drone in action.

Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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